"Go into the whole world and preach the gospel to all creation."


Reach the World is an organization whose main objective is to reach Czech and Slovak republics with Good News about Jesus Christ. We believe that not only Africa, but also postmodern Europe can be reached and transformed by Word of God and by Holy Spirit. Word of God stays alive, sharp and effective regardless of current social and cultural atmosphere. Even in 21st century, gospel of Jesus Christ is still God´s power unto salvation for each human being, unless it is stuck on the shelves of theological libraries, but it is preached to the unbelievers. Word of God says: „How can they have faith in someone they haven’t heard of? And how can they hear without a preacher? And how can they preach unless they are sent? “ We believe that even among us in Czech and Slovak republic – here and now – there are people whom God wants to use to preach the gospel to the multitudes.

Purpose of Reach the World´s activities is to provide a platform that will enable local churches to concentrate their human, financial and technical potential and utilize it to preach the gospel with greater effect. Together we can support ministry of men and women who feel God´s call to be full-time evangelists. We can provide these people with spiritual, technical and financial support and enable them to devote themselves fully to what God anointed them to do and thus bring thousands of lost to salvation. The first stage is to build a fleet of evangelistic pick-up trucks that will go around Czech and Slovak towns and villages eight hours a day, five days a week with a gospel message, accompanied by manifestations of God’s power, healings and miracles. That is how the Good News can get to even the smallest and most remote villages easily, effectively and without excessive costs. However, that is only beginning of our vision. Jesus is not sending us to preach the gospel only, but also to baptize and make disciples. Therefore, preaching of the gospel must be accompanied by the follow-up care for the new believers, by teaching and creating a network of easily accessible local churches.

Reach the World ´s objective is to reach the Czech and Slovak republic with Good News of Jesus Christ. Evangelistic pickup crews have already visited many locations across whole Slovakia and Czechia. We believe, that there are many people among us, that God wants to use to preach the gospel and that is why we are open to support churches, that are willing to join us in sharing this Good News. If you long to see people getting to know the real God also in your city, if you long to see many people saved, if you long to see many new disciples of Jesus rise and many new preachers of gospel, we will gladly support you in this endeavor. You can contact us via email, where you provide us with following information:

  1. City where your church is located
  2. Frequented places in your city
  3. Do you want gospel campaign with live music?
  4. Is permit to park cars needed?
  5. Do you have your own propagation/evangelistic materials?

Through ministry of Reach the World we are able to provide you with a platform, that will enable you to use your potential for effective preaching of the gospel.

We are looking forward to collaboration!

Peter kuba


„…to bring the gospel to cities and small villages …“






To become a partner you need to contribute monthly at least 5000CZK or 200EUR via bank transfer to this bank account: IBAN CZ09 0800 0000 0054 8171 2369

  1. If you haven´t done so already, please register to Virtual Church, so that we can save your email address in our database.
    Register here:
  2. Then we will give you access to the partner section
  3. We will inform you about current happenings and plans of Reach the World Ministry by sending a newsletter to your email on a regular basis.
  4. As a partner of Reach the World Ministry you have a reserved seat on the front rows at every conference. And as small courtesy from us, you have all the refreshments in our coffee corners free of charge

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via email:

We really appreciate your interest in becoming a partner of Reach the World ministry. We will be happy to meet you in person at any of our events.


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